Southampton 1
Project Description: Demolition of three existing structures and design of a new residence.

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Client Requirements: The property originally contained three structures including a main residence and two outbuildings with guest bedrooms. The structures were to be demolished and completely rebuilt due to their poor condition. The main residence was designed with greatly increased interior space.

Architectural Initiatives: The main residence is located at the northern end of a long two acre property with large scale evergreen perimeter plantings and richly ornamental interior plantings and grasses arranged around and throughout the three building composition to provide privacy between the buildings and a coherent park like setting for the interiors of all three structures. The living areas on the first floor of the main residence are arranged facing south towards the large swimming pool and dining terrace. The master bedroom on the second floor is perched like a treehouse to capture views of the adjacent structures’ roof gardens and the park like setting beyond. The large horizontal planes of the main house float above continuous glass walls with complete transparency to the landscape. The more solid portions of the building are kept to the north and provide a buffer from the motor court and driveway to the garage. The outbuildings have been arranged to create transitional spaces on the site and define terrace courtyard space.
Builder: Owen and Broniecki Construction
Interiors: Bradley Bayou Design
Engineering: Steven L Maresca
Energy/Performance: Home Energy Solutions
Landscaping: Creative Touch Landscape