Project Description: Demolition of an existing structure and design of a new residence.

Architectural Initiatives: The interior spaces of the new residence are organized in an “H” shape that relate directly to the exterior courtyard spaces created by the building’s form. The central interior space is a double height living and dining area which is contained on the south by the master bedroom wing and by the kitchen and family bedrooms in the north wing. The family spaces of the home are layered from interior to exterior through a series of enclosed, covered or open terrace areas that modulate and frame the transition to landscape. While the exterior aesthetic of the building is inspired by the context of traditional architecture, the character of the home presents a more modern feeling in the asymmetrical and whimsical arrangement of the window openings at the front facade and contemporary detailing throughout the home’s interior spaces.
Builder: Greg D’Angelo Construction
Landscaping: Landscape Details
Energy/Performance: Home Energy Solutions
Photography: Dana Meilijson