Project Description: Complete demolition and redesign of a landmarked, cast iron, 4 story penthouse apartment and associated exterior terrace areas.

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Architectural Initiatives: This multi-year architectural endeavor started with a full demolition of the interior components throughout 8,000 square feet of interior space and the adjacent 4,000 square feet of exterior covered and open terrace areas comprising the top 4 floors of an historic Cast Iron fa├žade structure originally designed by Griffith Thomas and built in 1873. With all interior components removed, the architecture was fully reimagined with new double height spaces and new terrace areas implemented to fully express the proportion, scale and character of the original structure. The interior and exterior spaces were designed with a hybrid open plan concept where adjacent spaces share light and functional flow, yet maintain spatial definition and integrity. Extensive historical research informed the interpretation and restoration of existing building elements in order to preserve and honor significant original architectural features. Constant consideration of structural, infrastructural and technological components allowed for the integration of required building components and their effective implementation throughout the process to reinforce rather than hinder design and aesthetic effort.
Builder: Scordio Construction
Interiors: A+M+L Architecture, Client and Stephen Shadley Designs
Engineering: Hannington Engineering
Permit Expediting and Municipal Interface: Arpad Baska, FAIA