Gibson Lane  < >

Sagaponack, NY

Landscaping: Edwina von Gal

Decoration/Furnishings: Alexa Hampton

Builder: Ben Krupinski Builder

Photography: Jeff Heatley

Architectural Scope of Work: Relocation and addition to existing 18th Century structure with site design and landscape integration.

Architectural Initiatives: The client purchased this historic building because she very much appreciated the scale and presence of the home. The building however, was structurally insufficient and the home’s mechanical and electrical systems were non-functioning. The project required the addition of interior space to the building, as well as the implementation of comprehensive mechanical and electrical systems including geothermal and solar technologies. The aesthetic imperative was to retain the character of the original building, a wonderful example of early Queen Anne Architecture. The structure was moved into a new position at the site that could more fully take advantage of Ocean proximity and installed onto a new concrete foundation system. Floor, roof, ceiling and wall framing was entirely stripped. Original detail components were recovered and carefully catalogued for future re-use. A large addition was carefully integrated to the rear and side of the original building, allowing the original facade to inform the language and development of the new building elements. Exterior space was layered through the use of extensive gardens, and covered exterior spaces.