Meadow Lane  < >

Southampton Village, NY

Landscaping: Perry Guillot Inc

Decoration/Furnishings: S.R. Gambrel

Builder: Ben Krupinski Builder

Photography: Jeff Heatley

Architectural Scope of Work: Design of a new residence with site design and landscape integration.

Architectural Initiatives: Located on a single property stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to Shinnecock Bay, the new residence sits tucked between the dunes with direct ocean views to the south as well as bay and mainland views to the north. The view opportunities in this setting informed the design process by promoting a design which would organize public space on the main entry level along a central circulation spine parallel to the shoreline with spaces on both sides of the gallery having views north and south. The arrangement of the interior spaces is opened to allow for these biaxial views creating enhanced spatial experiences. This kind of arrangement also allows natural light to filter throughout the spaces describing daily and seasonal variations.