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Southampton, NY

Engineering: Steven L. Maresca

Environmental: Inter-Science Research Associates, Inc

Landscaping: Edmund D. Hollander Landscape Architect Design, PC

Addl Landscaping: Landscape Details Inc

Decoration/Furnishings: KA Design Group

Builder: Fountainhead Construction

Architectural Scope of Work: Demolition of an existing structure and design of a new residence with site design and landscape integration.

Architectural Initiatives: The design of the residence includes 2 intersecting bars arranged in a “t” shape to provide a courtyard of private exterior space with a swimming pool and terrace on the waterside of the residence and a complimentary courtyard terrace on the entry side of the residence shielded from occasional northern winds. Large expanses of glazing and limited interior partitions allow for unobstructed views through the interiors of the home to the Peconic Bay and large operable door panels provide direct access to covered exterior spaces, sunken courtyards and terraces. The aesthetic language of the house is a reinterpretation of traditional vernacular architectural forms in a more contemporary sensibility.