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Sagaponack, NY

Engineering: Steven L. Maresca

Landscaping: Scarsella Design

Builder: Cardel Development

Photography: Jeff Heatley

Architectural Scope of Work: Demolition of existing structure and design of a new residence with site design and landscape integration.

Architectural Initiatives: The property is located in a FEMA regulated coastal location requiring the first floor of the residence to be 10ā€™ above the existing grade elevation. The site had an existing buffer of perimeter plantings providing a private area on an interior lot along Sagg Main Road. The design of the residence provided an ā€œLā€ shaped arrangement of living spaces encompassing a courtyard of private exterior space including a pool terrace and pool house. The resultant space below the habitable area of the residence was used for supplemental functions including garage, screen porch, storage, porte cochere, exterior stair tower and main house entry in order to integrate the required structural FEMA components within the language of the contextual architecture.